I have been working over 15 years as an IT professional and entrepreneur. I am also a certified cricket coach by ICC Academy and NSDC certified nutritionist.

I am journaling my explorations and experience of adapting to this new culture of Crypto currency and blockchain technology. As a self-employed person working in various fields to build my career and maintain my income, it’s been a world of ups and downs. Adapting to changes and growing with a vision needs clarity, commitment, and community culture.

It is a challenging yet satisfying process to build a system supported by people which has economic and utility value. I have been involved working with such persons and organisations. I was lucky to interact with Mr. Mikael in 2016 regarding some work and kept in touch since. He liked my content and community projects and had supported it. Back then I had no idea what he was saying when he mentioned the future of the technology and platforms he had envisioned. Now since 2018 he has made PayRue into as strong platform growing steadily.

I find projects like PayRue, is an opportunity to enter the future systems which can be built by community and commitment to bring value for mass adaptation.

What I am telling you is important for 3 reasons;

1) PayRue platform is aligned towards the future of technology and crypto transactions.
2) it is currently easy for us to explore and use the basic services as you have all the basics ready with you. We have smart phones, high speed internet, net banking, credit cards and lots more.
3) PayRue Pro Wallet and PayRue Chat can help you slowly and steadily understand crypto currency transactions, trading, and staking.

Crypto currency is coming into global news and transactions running into millions of dollars. Most of us want to explore and enter the crypto world but don’t know what to trust and where to start. The PayRue platform is way for you to enter the world of crypto currency and blockchain.

In this post we will understand PayRue Platform, see the products and services offered by PayRue. Know what have I done till now, and how you can get started.

What is PayRue?

PayRue was founded in June 2018 by Mikael Olofsson. PayRue is a decentralized financial platform that operates exchanges, wallets, and transfers with cryptocurrencies.

PayRue mission is to support the mass adoption of crypto currencies with secure and user-friendly apps. PayRue ecosystem of applications offers decentralised financial services, custody wallets and messenger chat application.

What is Propel?

PROPEL is a native utility token of PayRue and its associated applications eg PayRue DEX, PayRue apps and Cointransfer. The utility part of PROPEL is to reward and engage users in the PayRue community when using PayRue services. 

PayRue has wrapped 3 billion PROPEL (BSC) which is 37.5% of the total PROPEL supply to be sold over a 12 months period through a specialized vested token called VPROPEL (BSC) which holders can swap into PROPEL for a fixed price of 1:1 on contract expiry. Contract expires on 3rd November 2021

The purpose of the token sale is to continue to build and release services of PayRue and PayRue DEX in DeFi, trading, crypto/fiat gateway, loan, borrowings, staking, and token asset management protocol.

Why is PayRue and Propel Important?

PayRue platform can be your simple and steady start to use of crypto currency and Decentralized finance.

The primary purpose of DeFi is to establish an open-source, transparent, and permissionless ecosystem without any central authority owning the power over financial transactions. It allows participants to control their assets, efficiently conduct peer-to-peer exchanges and build decentralized applications (dApps).

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to the financial transactions that eradicate intermediaries between participants. It uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to eliminate central authorities and provide peer-to-peer facilities to carry out financial services such as banking, loans, mortgages, and more.

Payrue Propel is in the start of this phase and I believe it is a good option to use different PayRue Apps and services within your safe and investment limits. Explore first then do small transactions to understand the new crypto currency systems and grow safely in the new options and culture of crypto currency and blockchain. Start using the PayRue Products and Services to begin with.

What I intend to use Crypto currency and PayRue for?

I am into content creation, coaching and consultation. I intend to use PayRue as one more asset in my portfolio. I am ready to accept Payrue’s Propel token and other crypto currency for my services as coach, consultant and my online courses.

I hope you notice that currently in India, we have so many options for economic transaction and convenient value systems. I am using cash, bank cheaque, internet banking, debit and credit cards, foreign exchanges, PayPal, Google Pay, Paytm and much more. So now its time to understand and adapt using Crypto Currency.

Please remember, I am Not here to ride the Crypto Trend or Make Quick Money, No I am not here for magic money. I am here to explore and participate to adapt this new culture and technology.

I am based in India, working with people around the world. India is yet to make clear decisions and regulations to adapt the crypto currency and blockchain technology based systems. So I am just making myself ready for the new socio-economic community based world.

Since last few months, I have used PayRue in below listed transactions and been happy.

  • I have downloaded the apps, done my KYC documentation for PayRue Pro Wallet
  • I have transferred a small transaction of ETH Ethereum to an Indian Crypto exchange.
  • I have Staked ETH for the ETH 2 which will take around 1 year to complete and give me returns.
  • I have sold a small value of ETH and withdrew into my bank in a few hours.
  • I have accepted Binance BNB, PayRue Propel in my PayRue DEX Wallet
  • I have used the SWAP feature of PayRue Pro Wallet.
  • I have used the Payrue Chat app to communicate with community members and founders of PayRue.

There is a lot more to do, next I intend to explore trading and staking.

I am using PayRue Pro Wallet, PayRue Chat app and PayRue Dex wallet.

You can try it too, Download the apps for Android and Apple:
Visit the official PayRue Website.

NOTE: When you download the Payrue Chat app. Do follow my channel PayRue India and Swapnil Karekar Cricket Coach on the Payrue Chat. See you there.

Disclaimer: I am writing this blog as my journey of exploring crypto currency and blockchain by exploring and using the PayRue Platform. This is my personal blog and not any financial service/advice. You are invited to join me on this new culture to understand, explore and use the new technology in a responsible and safe way.

Thank you for you time in reading this article. I will keep posting my journey and experiences every week. Take Care and be active !

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This blog is about digital assets and PayRue platform.